Software Development From Dedicated Developers With Industry-Specific Experience

Turing Elisara perform world-class custom software development services for startups, small-to-midsize, and enterprise-size businesses.

Since 2016 our founder and chief software engineer Will MacGregor surpassed all expectations advancing in academia through college and university. Now a research Fellow, Will also consults with the Industries leading software engineers in advancing AI/Machine learning in robotic and android technology. Will has also worked alongside and on projects for OpenAI and opensource organisation founded by Elon Musk.

Based in Derby, England, Turing Elisara offers services throughtout England and the UK.

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Custom Web Development

TEC custom web development solutions accelerate workflows, boost revenues, and optimize business operations from concept-to-code and development to deployment.


Implementation & Deployment

TEC devise an in-depth, comprehensive software implementation & deployment plan, assessing your needs to deliver enhanced technologies to end-users.



API Development

TEC develop reliable, well-documented, and easy-to-consume APIs that enable flexible integrations and customization of existing software products.


System Integrations

TEC software integration engineers adopt new technologies and processes to overcome challenges relating to everything from architectural design to testing to execution.

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