Turing Elisara

Turing Elisara was founded by Will MacGregor a student at UHI in Scotland studying software development and artificial Intelligence.

Our headquarters are based in Derby, England and as a company, we deliver on schedule what our clients require.

Our team of experienced and highly motivated software developers are located throughout England, which gives us the advantage of having IT specialists on hand for you 24/7 anywhere in England.

Turing Elisara embraces technology and allows employees to work from home with the latest technology available giving you fast, reliable services 24/7.

It is estimated there are 21 million professional programmers Worldwide, that less than 1% of the Worlds population, yet it is estimated that 5.5 billion people worldwide use some form of technology. 

Without being gender bias, Turing Elisara Limited makes an effort to not only employ a strong diverse team of programmers but also to encourage more Females into coding and computing. Unfortunately, Females make up less than 8% of programmers in the World, that is something we should all be ashamed of and something Turing Elisara Limited has decided to take action on. 



Will MacGregor decided to do things differently as appose to other companies offering IT Services & Solutions. Will noticed, they were all formal and proper, but when it came to actually do the work, they lacked knowledge and experience and often overcharged clients!!

Most of the work, Turing Elisara is hired to do, is, unfortunately, correcting the mistakes done by others.

We are different, we look different. After all, we don't wear suits and look all formal and business people, because, well, we are not! We are geeks, techies, gamers, programmers, we actually know what we are doing and will do the job right the first time and in most cases, far quicker and cheaper than all of our competitors because they are more concerned about image, rather than doing the job properly.


Recently back from a trip to Dubai, UAE, our founder Will MacGregor attended a green initiative conference and learned first-hand the devastation that is currently happening to our planet through pollution and gold extraction, including modern-day slavery to mine for gold and diamonds. Having returned from the conference and green initiative, we, the board of Directors, agreed to make Turing Elisara Corporation Limited and all associated companies 100% renewable and green immediately.

Turing Elisara has invested in solar energy on rented farmland in Derbyshire and also invested in a new wind turbine being built by Britwind for a small piece of brown belt land also in Derbyshire.

This initiative now means that Turing Elisara is 100% renewable and all of our energy comes directly from green energy.

We also have devised a new partnership with BMW to supply all of our staff with the Mini SE for company use and a staff discount of 10% for all staff personal purchases of the Mini SE.