Mobile Banking App
Mobile Banking Apps

Building a mobile-only bank in one year: payment transaction processing, fraud prevention, financial reporting and back-office operations.


Incorporating Big Data, data science, and analytics for meaningful insights and new capabilities.

HR Management Software

Modernising an existing platform with innovative Open Source technologies.

How We Helped


Turing Elisara has an in-house creative team of UX/UI designers to make sure that every software product is designed with the end-user in mind.
UI/UX design is an integral part of our software development process. We follow the latest design principles to ensure that every user has a good time interacting with your products, with basic intuition and minimum confusion.


Turing Elisara was founded by Will MacGregor a student at UHI in Scotland studying software development and artificial Intelligence. Our headquarters are based in Derby, England and as a company, we deliver on schedule what our clients require. We Have a team of experienced and highly motivated software developers in The UK, USA, Romania, Ukraine, Argentina and India.

Turing Elisara embraces technology and allows employees to work from home with the latest technology available. It is estimated there are 21 million professional programmers Worldwide, that less than 1% of the Worlds population, yet it is estimated that 5.5 billion people worldwide use some form of technology. 

Without being gender bias, Turing Elisara Limited makes an effort to not only employ a strong diverse team of programmers but also to encourage more Females into coding and computing. Unfortunately, Females make up less than 8% of programmers in the World, that is something we should all be ashamed of and something Turing Elisara Limited has decided to take action on. 

Custom Website Development

Turing Elisara design and build custom websites exactly to our client's requirements. We offer a pay-per-hour solution giving our clients total control of their budget. We also use stages, this also allows clients to evaluate each stage of the design and build before starting the next stage, again giving our clients total control of their website build and budget. We use full-stack coding, which means it is more affordable for our clients and every aspect of the design and builds in-house which means you are dealing directly with the designers and not being passed around on the phone. 

Price start from £50 Inc: 4-page website/SEO/Domain Name

Website Development & Hosting

Turing Elisara design and develops all websites in-house giving us flexibility when it comes to designing and building exactly what the client wants to their exact requirements. Our websites are designed specifically for all devices.

Turing Elisara uses the latest technologies and techniques to design and build your website. We do not use Content Management Systems such as WordPress, we use code such as PHP, Javascript & C++ which gives us an advantage on customisable website design, we do not have any constraints.

Mobile Application Development

Turing Elisara works closely with software companies like Google to envisage the next-generation operating systems and applications. Our apps are designed not only for current devices and operating systems but also for future devices and operating systems such as Google Fuchsia.

Our pricing structure differs from most companies because we do everything in-house rather than outsource, which gives us the flexibility to be affordable and cost-effective. This advantage allows us to work within your budget and NOT set pricing structures. We can also work in stages, which gives you the client flexibility and full control in how your application is designed and control of your expenses.

Mobile App Development
Software Development

Turing Elisara is a software development company, it's what we do and we love doing it. We are programmers/coders and we not only write code for current applications and user interfaces but we strive to develop code for the future involving machine learning and AI.

Working with AI/Machine Learning is the future, it already exists, but most clients and people in society just don't know it or are not aware of its existence. We develop easy-to-use interfaces for use in general society to allow our clients to not only achieve exactly what they require but also at affordable rates. Coding and programming do not work for us, it is our hobby, thus we enjoy what we do, thus time and expense are kept to a minimum.

Robotics and Engineering

Turing Elisara was founded to create the technology of the future. We believe and want to develop evolution in technology. We work with all Industries to not only improve their current technology but to advance their technologies. 

We are continually working with other technology firms such as Boston Dynamics to evolve current robotics and Human augmentation. Our bodies are organic which means they are prone to damage and failure. Human augmentation which already exists in the medical Industry helps Humans live a full life. We also design and build factory robotics helping your staff work easier and in safety.